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Elmar Thome was born in Bavaria in 1964 and died in Barcelona in 2005, was an author who knows little and best known for his sculptor, but in the last years of his life was made as a designer, creating products thanks to the base acquired through the masterful use of iron, wood and other robust materials. His works to transmit great strength and fragility at the same time.

Mireia Riera Coromina was born in Barcelona in 1943. He studied design and interior design at the Eina school. Pioneer as a designer and as a woman in this discipline, that of design. It forms part of the avant-garde scene of Barcelona design, awarded at the beginning of the prestigious Delta Awards with the Adi-Fad Gold Delta Award to the Luminous Mirror that designed and edited BD Barcelona Design, in 1975, a company of which it is founding partner.

Pep Bonet Bertran was born in Barcelona in 1941.
Architect of the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona in 1965. He worked on the study of JA Coderch from 1961 to 1964. Member of Studio PER with Cristian Cirici, Lluís Clotet and Oscar Tusquets since 1965. He was one the founders of BD Barcelona Design, as a producer of furniture but also producer of small components for construction.

Mireia Riera and Jordi Ruiz were approached by their passion for design and especially by some authors. From disparate professional backgrounds, Mireia, pioneer as a designer and awarded with some of the most prestigious awards, created with Jordi, self-taught and with more than 30 years of career in industrial design, sic97 in 2013.

sic97 established in Barcelona will continue to add timeless and fascinating industrial designs, as Series ET Bathroom Fittings and Toma lamp by Elmar Thome, Llum Mirror by Mireia Riera or Galant by Pep Bonet.
Our philosophy pays full respect to the original design, materials and final handling.

sic (erat scriptum / ‘so it was written’) / 97 (year of the creation of the ET series)

Sant Agustí, 5 1-B 08012 Barcelona, Spain            +34607866019

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